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                  What the Frik: Finding & Fixing Friction in User Experiences – Seattle Interactive Conference

                  October 16, 2018 Running time: 0 44 16

                  Tim Mehta – Seattle Interactive Conference – “What the Frik: Finding & Fixing Friction in User Experiences”

                  Friction is anything that removes a user from the natural flow of the expected experience. There comes a point where we are so familiar with our own designs and UX that we can’t always see where the friction is.

                  In this talk, Portent’s Analytics Strategist Tim Mehta illustrates principles from Nielsen Norman Group and other pioneers of UX to lay out an easy framework for marketers to find and eliminate friction across the board. From the innocuous and unintended forms of friction, to the downright deceptive.

                  In this video replay, marketers learn how to create happier users and higher conversion-rates at the same time, as well as:

                  • How companies like Dropbox and Freshbooks are falling short at critical moments in their funnel
                  • How manipulation for the sake of conversion can directly harm your business
                  • How strategically adding friction can also improve a user’s experience.

                  Tim Mehta

                  Analytics Strategist
                  Analytics Strategist

                  Tim considers himself an “optimization” strategist. His biggest motivation is to craft an optimized experience for clients and their customers. In order to do that, he delves into books written by behavioral psychologists and is constantly reading UX blogs. His interest in analytics stems from the ability to track user behavior and develop insights on how to improve their experience. He also is a big fan of avocado toast.

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